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package graphic (only for illustration purposes)"Tadzio's Island" is a classical styled platform/"jump'n'run" computer game with a traditional love story. So it's nothing special - apart from a tiny detail ...


While Tadzio and his boyfriend Alex relax at the beach after celebrating some parties the last weekend, Alex is kidnapped by the nymphomanic Lady Hipotha. She enchains him inside her castle and forces him to tidy up from morning to night only wearing a pinafore. It's your mission to guide Tadzio to Hipotha's castle and deliver Alex. But be aware: The small island harbours a lot of dangers ...


The contents, gameplay and graphics from "Tadzio's Island" follow well known jump'n'run games from the eighties and nineties. So you won't find high resolution 3D graphics, but two dimensional rough-pixeled pictures. Beside some soundeffects you get - also classical styled - MIDI music.




The game is freeware, which means you might download and play it free of charge. However the copyright and all other rights still belong to the game author.

Download a bilingual (English oder German) setup programm here. (~3.2 MB)

An English instruction manual can be downloaded here. (~130 kB)

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